Looking for Gourmet catering on The Sunshine Coast

Looking for Gourmet catering on the Sunshine Coast which also offers a flexibility of service next to none? Needing a reliable, personable Private Chef? Holiday home catering, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, festivals, custom cakes? Famous bbq catering Sydney will bring the food to your event location and set up a self-serve buffet

Look no further than Vanteen Catering. The variety and creativity of Vanteen Caterings menu offerings gives you the versatility to cater to your guests the way you want. Imagine authentic Sri Lankan curries served on perfectly steamed rice, pulled pork sliders on a pillow soft steamed bun.Traditional Italian meals with house made silky pastas, the ultimate dining experience of a 6 course degustation dinner, gourmet buffets with a perfectly styled table, mouth wateringly moist, layered caramel mud cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and a salted caramel drizzle…… The only limitation is your imagination. With a combined 30 years of experience in the industry you know you are in safe hands.

From Mexican antojitos or ‘little cravings’ to the multiple food meccas of Paris, London, New York and Tokyo, street food served from food trucks and carts are quickly becoming a must have for your wedding or event. Australia has such an abundance of quality produce, giving Vanteen Catering a network of suppliers to help us create the flavours to inspire and transfix your tastebuds. Vanteen Catering’s services your venue from our custom food van arming us with a commercial kitchen on wheels to bring you the tastes of the world without a compromise in quality. Bold, unique flavours made with serious passion and commitment, we pride ourselves on only offering you foods we have wholly prepared ourselves.

Food van catering service;it’s one of the big foodie revolutions of our time. A reinvention of the traditional ways of catering and food service, which is becoming widely adopted by the Australian way of life. Our services include catering to Weddings, birthday parties, private parties, corporate events, catering to holiday homes, intimate dinners and more. Nothing is too big or small. Catering is steering away from more traditional services, breaking down the barriers between chef and consumer. Having the best relationship with your chef and catering team bring you a fun and informal sharing and tasting experience your guests are unlikely to forget.