Safety Boots – 5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Their Safety Boots

The 5 most common mistakes people make in choosing where to buy online boots ugg are:

1. Choosing safety footwear for a purpose other than that for which it was intended.

This is by far the most common mistake we see. We have seen Steel Toe Trainers designed for light industrial use coming back to us covered in tar and cement! When deciding on safety footwear, always keep in mind the environment where the boots will be worn most. Safety trainers are ideal for inside use and light outdoor work but if you need to do construction work, buy a pair of heavy work boots. If you use the wrong type of footwear for a particular environment, they simply will not last.

2. Choosing the wrong safety standard.

This is another common pitfall in picking your work boots. There is a long list of safety standards that you need to read carefully before making a purchase. (I will post another article on safety footwear standards in the future). I know a builder who had a nail puncture the sole of his boot and go straight through his foot. He had purchased an S1 boot which has no steel or composite plate when he should have been advised to buy an S1-P or an S3 boot. These standards have a plate running between the sole and the upper that prevents sharp objects from hurting the foot.

Another common issue is that people buy boots for outdoor use that are neither water resistant nor water-proof. It is a miserable feeling working in wet boots, so we always advise our customers who need to work outdoors to go for a boot with a waterproof lining like Gore-Tex.

3. Choosing boots based solely on price.

These days, people are quite rightly very focused on getting value for money. However, there is an old saying that the two things who should never compromise on are your bed and your footwear. This is because we spend so much time in both.

With safety boots, you do pay for what you get. We regularly have customers who switch to us because they have bought low priced boots and they only last 2 to 3 months. It is simply not possible to make a cheap work boot that does not compromise somewhere on quality or function.

We normally get then to convert to more expensive boots like CAT work boots or Haix work boots. These boots last longer and actually represent better value over the lifetime of the boots.

4. Choosing incorrect size.

Although this seems obvious, it is very common to see customers wearing boots that are too tight.This often happens as people usually wear light socks when they try on the boots at time of purchase, but wear heavy work socks while they work. Always take a pair of heavy socks with you when you go to purchase your boots and walk around the shop for a few minutes so you can be confident that the boots fit.

5. Choosing style over purpose.

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of buying work boots just as you might buy fashion footwear – based on the look of the shoes. But your priorities when buying safety footwear should always be function and quality first.

A friend of mine has an awful looking pair of running shoes that he maintains are the best runners he has ever worn. He informs me that a serious runner never chooses his trainers based on looks, but on their ability to support his foot.

When picking a pair of safety boots, the same principle applies – look for function over appearance.

This is not to say that you cannot buy safety boots that look good as well as being functional. As you can see in the video below, you can buy great looking modern safety shoes that have all the functionality you require. The looks though should be an added bonus rather than your reason for buying.

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